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About Me

Becky Fitzsimonds, LMT OBMT #11577

Hello! I'm Becky Fitzsimonds, LMT (OBMT#11577). I've been practicing massage therapy for the lovely people of the Corvallis area since 2004. For much of my career, thus far, I have worked in a spa setting. I think the influence that wonderful experience had was to make me really appreciate the pampering aspect of even the most functional of therapeutic massage treatments. I have experience working in a hospital setting as well, and that was not only as rewarding as could be imagined, it gifted me the opportunity to learn how to tailor massage therapy around a myriad of needs.

Very rarely is massage therapy completely barred from a treatment plan. Always feel free to talk with me about any concerns you may have regarding massage and your individual health picture. I am willing to communicate with you and your managing health care providers to find a touch therapy that is suited to your needs. In the event your condition is (at this time) incompatible with traditional bodywork, I am a Reiki practioner as well, and we can talk about relaxation and relief options available in that realm.

My path to massage therapy began with a need and desire to learn about and hopefully control my own pain, as a chronic migraine sufferer. It wasn't long after beginning massage school that I fell head over heels in love with bodywork. I believe that shows through in my massage. My deepest passion lies in helping people pinpoint the causes of their discomfort, devising a strategy to minimize those habits, and working to release old holding patterns and tensions. I am committed to communication with my clients and always welcome questions.

Thank you so much for your time!